"Why in Five" - Fair Trade

Why in Five - Fair Trade

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is an economic system that ensures farmers, artisans and workers in developing nations receive living wages for their products through equitable trading partnerships.

Why is Fair Trade important?

Purchasing Fair Trade products improves the economic lives of workers in developing countries by helping them lift themselves out of poverty. By purchasing products labeled Fair Trade, you also ensure they are grown, harvested, crafted and traded in environmentally friendly ways.

Why is NYSUT involved?

Since passing a 2006 NYSUT RA resolution, NYSUT has encouraged Fair Trade. The resolution led to the creation of a Fair Trade Task force and a statewide education and awareness campaign that encourages members to purchase Fair Trade products whenever possible, particularly coffee, tea and chocolate. The Fair Trade Task Force has since been incorporated into the NYSUT Civil and Human Rights Committee where it continues its important work.

How is NYSUT involved?

NYSUT has partnered with Fair Trade Campaigns USA, a national grassroots movement to foster and promote Fair Trade practices in communities, congregations, college campuses and schools nationwide. Fair Trade Campaigns USA offers ready-to-use campaign materials to promote fair trade — including toolkits, handouts, lesson plans and ideas for contests and other events. The initiative is part of a worldwide movement to expand fair trade. For information visit http://fairtradecampaigns.org.

How can I help?

Highlight fair trade in your community, congregation or on your campus with these materials:

Make fair trade a teachable moment in your school with these curriculum resources: