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School-Related Professionals

WEBINAR ON DEMAND: How to Use Ventilation to Protect the School Community. August 2020.
NYSUT and CSEA teamed up to bring you a webinar on ventilation in schools and how it can help lower the risk of COVID-19.
The program gives school employees an overview of building ventilation systems, applicable building codes and industry recommendations. Participants will learn what questions to ask management and what upgrades to advocate for. The webinar is free and now available on demand. Register and watch online.

SRP Health and Safety: Transportation Concerns when Schools Reopen (leader login required). July 17, 2020.
To help develop guidance to local unions and field staff, NYSUT assembled a transportation staff focus group in May with about a dozen bus drivers and bus monitors/aides from around the state. This document summarizes the focus group discussion, as well as suggestions for how to address several of the concerns. As always, local union leaders should consult with their NYSUT labor relations specialist for questions and advice.

Health and Safety Considerations for Reopening Public Schools. June 12, 2020.
As schools start planning for reopening this fall, it's crucial for local unions to be involved and have a voice. NYSUT's Health and Safety program has prepared an overview of what should go into a reopening plan as well a Frequently Asked Questions to help local leaders.

NYSED: Operating Child Nutrition Programs when Schools are Closed due to COVID-19
Answers to frequently asked questions on supporting continued access of meals to low-income children affected by school closures due to COVID-19.

DOH: Guidance on Requiring Face Coverings for Public and Private Employees 
An Executive Order signed April 12, 2020 directs essential businesses to provide, at their expense, face coverings for their employees when in direct contact with customers or members of the public.

NYSUT Guidance on Cleaning and Disinfecting Schools
This document includes union-provided safety guidelines for staff.

AFT: Tip Sheet for Custodial Staff

5 Social Media Tips in Times of Crisis.
These are extraordinary times for students, families and educators. Social media can be tricky; it's more important than ever to be professional and positive.