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NYSUT Social Justice

Social justice lies at the heart of unionism. As we fight to protect collective bargaining rights, strike back against education privatization and defend the rights of members, unions demonstrate the power of grassroots action and show how they can be vehicles for change within communities. The goal of NYSUT's Social Justice initiative is to take our social justice mission to the next level - moving beyond simple fundraising to actions that make REAL community change on issues important to members and the communities they live in. Learn more about NYSUT Social Justice.


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  • New poster celebrates Native American Heritage Month 11/8/2022
  • 'Healthy School Meals for All' coalition calls for funding to end childhood hunger in schools 10/27/2022
  • Salamanca High School teachers honored for human rights education 9/14/2022
  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with our new Jorge Ramos poster 9/1/2022
  • At Buffalo rally, education unions stand up to hate 6/3/2022
  • ‘We need a voice’: Long Island educators form AAPI advocacy group 5/26/2022
  • NYSUT steps up support for Amazon and Starbucks workers 4/21/2022
  • NYSUT Disaster Relief Fund seeks donations to help Ukraine citizens 3/9/2022
  • NYSUT salutes Black History Month 2/19/2022
  • NYSUT Celebrates Black History Month 2022 2/18/2022
  • Free NYSUT poster celebrates HBCUs 1/20/2022
  • Event celebrates Hispanic excellence and achievement 10/14/2021
  • VIDEO: 'Celebrando Nuestra Hispanidad: A Conversation with Latino Leaders' 9/27/2021
  • Hispanic Heritage poster honors Maria Hinojosa 9/15/2021
  • Human rights conference brings together teens from three continents 7/19/2021
  • Guilderland teacher unites students and community for action and awareness 7/16/2021
  • Many Threads, One Fabric: 'How to Support Our LGBTQ and Allied Students' 6/24/2021
  • NYSUT Many Threads, One Fabric event celebrates Juneteenth 6/21/2021
  • Many Threads, One Fabric: 'Hope Gathering 2021' 6/17/2021
  • Rural local takes decisive action against anti-gay cyberbullying directed at teachers 6/11/2021
  • Empathy key to effective classroom communication, says Bigbie 5/26/2021
  • Educators discuss ways to combat anti-Asian hate 5/13/2021
  • NYSUT applauds Regents’ diversity, equity and inclusion policy statement 5/10/2021
  • 'Sticks & Stones' workshop offers support for understanding and challenging implicit bias 5/6/2021
  • RA 2021: Solidarity, now and forever 5/1/2021
  • Register for a follow-up session for our 'Courageous Conversation' webinar 4/22/2021
  • NYSUT statement on verdict in Derek Chauvin trial 4/21/2021
  • Free NYSUT poster celebrates Kamala Harris for Women's History Month 2/28/2021
  • Unions celebrate Women's History Month 2/28/2021
  • NYSUT announces new Advancing Racial Justice in Education Agenda 2/24/2021
  • Black History Month: 'Diversifying the Educational Workforce' with Chancellor Young 2/18/2021
  • Many Threads, One Fabric: 'Embracing Racial and Cultural Diversity' 2/5/2021
  • Black History Month: Video Celebrations 2/3/2021
  • First Book promotes diversity with author talks and book donations 1/15/2021
  • Multicultural leaders discuss next steps post-election 12/4/2020
  • Global human rights action began as small ripple for Long Island educator 11/24/2020
  • Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2020 10/16/2020
  • Virtual event explores unearned privilege 10/16/2020
  • Justice Ginsburg left indelible mark on equity, education 9/21/2020
  • FREE NYSUT poster celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 9/15/2020
  • Internationally known author, professor Kendi speaks with NYSUT members on anti-racism 8/7/2020
  • Voting rights challenged as U.S. marks anniversaries of 19th Amendment, Voting Rights Act 8/4/2020
  • Kingston educators begin community-wide book group on race 7/15/2020
  • Andrew Pallotta: 'Education - An Avenue To Equality' (via WAMC) 7/1/2020
  • Human rights institute draws record participation of youth ready to change the world 6/30/2020
  • Supreme Court upholds protection for immigrant 'Dreamers' 6/22/2020
  • Juneteenth Celebrates Black Emancipation and Struggle 6/19/2020
  • Teen human rights institutes to be held online 6/18/2020
  • Landmark Supreme Court ruling protects gay, lesbian and transgender workers 6/15/2020
  • NYSUT statement on Supreme Court decision affirming rights of LGBTQ workers 6/15/2020
    • Hispanic Heritage: Jorge Ramos

      NYSUT celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a new poster honoring Mexican-American journalist and author Jorge Ramos. Known as “The Walter Cronkite of Latin America,” he is the best-known Spanish-language news anchor in the United States.

    • About NYSUT Social Justice

      Social justice lies at the heart of unionism, demonstrating the power of grassroots action and effecting change within our communities.
    • Social Justice Resources

      NYSUT, along with our partners at AFT and NEA, have compiled a number of social justice resources for educators and activists.

    • Many Threads, One Fabric

      Launched in the summer of 2020, “Many Threads, One Fabric” is a series of NYSUT and AFT virtual town halls exploring racial justice, diversity and equity issues.
    • Black History

      NYSUT members and leaders are telling their stories in video testimonials as part of our Black History Month celebration. More to come!
    • Civil and Human Rights Committee

      A committee to advance the union’s efforts to promote equity and social justice.

    • Women's Committee

      Learn more about the NYSUT Women's Committee.
    • LGBTQ Resources

      Educating peers and advocating for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning/Queer colleagues.

      The "Why in 5" campaign for social justice is a way for NYSUT members to use a short set of talking points to educate others about significant social justice. 


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    Fast ends with commitment to social justice issues

    Fast ends with commitment to social justice issues

    Weingarten arrested: Take action to support Philadelphia schools

    Weingarten arrested: Take action to support Philadelphia schools

    NYSUT helps launch Women's Equality Coalition

    NYSUT helps launch Women's Equality Coalition

    NYSUT takes anti-bullying message to the State Fair

    NYSUT: A Union of Professionals. NYSUT represents more than 600,000 teachers, school-related professionals, academic and professional faculty in higher education, professionals in education and health care and retirees. NYSUT is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association and the AFL-CIO. Copyright New York State United Teachers.

    Video: Why educators are patriots

    For inspiration, check out this must-see video capturing NEA executive director John Stocks' galvanizing speech, "Social Justice Patriots." Stocks inspires through a broad definition of patriotism encompassing the social justice work teachers, School-Related Professionals and other educators do every day.
    speak truth to power human rights defenders

    Speak Truth to Power Social Justice Lesson Plans

    Speak Truth to Power Social Justice Lesson Plans

    Fair Trade Curriculum Resources

    Fair Trade Curriculum Resources

    Schenectady retiree recalls history-making time at Texas Tech

    Schenectady retiree recalls history making time at Texas Tech
    Yonkers teacher Mitchell Polay, second from left, celebrates his award with, from left, his mother, Anita Carangelo; Regent Judith Johnson; Chancellor Betty Rosa, and Commissioner MaryEllen Elia.

    Yonkers teacher saluted for human rights work

    Yonkers teacher saluted for human rights work
    Jamestown Community College student Hannah Lorenc tells Assemblyman Andrew Goodell that lives are at risk because of gender discrimination.

    GENDA is not about bathrooms; it's about saving lives

    GENDA is not about bathrooms its about saving lives
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    Join us Feb. 17 for a virtual celebration of Black History Month

    Join the statewide union Feb. 17 for a virtual celebration of Black History Month. This year’s event will highlight the importance of health and wellness.
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